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Subject material: These colorful spring cat toys are manufactured from BPA-free plastic that’s more secure for cats and kittens, it’s lightweight, durable, and protected for chewing.
Size: 4.5cm long, 0.22cm thick, Diameter 2.5cm
Bright Colours: Each and every set comes with 12 total cat spring toys including 3 green, 3 yellow, 3 blue and 3 red spring cat toys. Let your cat have a laugh with the colourful springs cat toys.
Promote Agility and Exercise: An interactive cat toy for enrichment our kitty spiral springs jump around randomly to keep them chasing, swatting, and running around.
An Interactive Cat Toy: A good way to build strong bonds along with your pet these cat coil springs keep them active which is excellent for lasing mental and physical health.


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