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【Rabbit Toys Boredom Breaker, Toys for Small Animals】Rodent pet’s teeth grow continuously, so they want to grind their teeth, differently, it is going to seriously impact the health of theirs. Our gerbil toys with pecial technology, not only are eco-friendly rat toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools. This wooden guinea pig toys gives your small rodent the easiest opportunity to play and work out!
【Natural Material Bunny Rabbit Gnawing Toys】The rabbit chew toys accessories set includes apple tree wood sticks, timothy hay balls, rattan balls, woven carrot and corn, loofah carrot toys. All materials are100% natural,all chew toys have a natural scent of vegetation,protected for your pets to chew. All colorful bunny chew toys are dyed with plant pigments, which are protected for small animals. The mouth of small animals is also stained for a short while.
【Excellent Gift Toys Accessory for Pets】The Loofah Carrot with unique shape can easily attract your small pets to play with. The natural apple wood grass ball string are handmade, eco-friendly and can also be hang on the cage with small hook. These bunny chew toys can prevent your pets chewing their cages or furnitures and keep them healthy and active.
【Fits Most Small Pet Animals】These rabbit accessories and toys, pet gnaw toys sets for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, bunny, dwarf hamsters, hamsters, bunny,mice, squirrels, dutch pigs, prairie dogs, degus, parrot, gerbils, syrian hamster and other small animals. Best small pet toys gift for animal birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving. You small animals will love these funny toys!
【16 Pack Wooden Toys for Rabbits】Our bunny rabbit chew toy set includes 1 Apple wood molar string, 1 grass ball molar string, 4 rattan balls, 6 loofah toys, 1 loofah carrot, 1 woven carrot, 2 woven corn, enough quantity for your little pet to play and chew.




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