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Mixed feed within the type of wafers with Spirulina” and plankton for fish aquarium. It comprises plankton and spinach. Extruded feed produced within the type of sinking wafers, is designed for decent-water feeding, herbivorous aquarium fish: algae eater, cory, loach or crustaceans. Contained within the feed marine algae control digestive processes. Garlic turns on the immune system to fight bacteria.Small Mixed Wafers is a mixture of three colors with an overly wealthy composition including fish products, products from plants, crustaceans, algae (13-15%), dried vegetables, cereals, plankton, spinach, oil, fats, crustaceans garlic.Ideal for: pygmy corydoras bottom feeding omnivorous fish such as algae eaters, loaches, loricariids, catfish, pleco and freshwater and marine crustaceans.The content of nutrient elements: crude protein 42%, fat 6%, water 4%, ash 8%, Vitamins:vitamin A: 24.000 IE./kg, vitamin E 300 mg, C 120 mg, D3 4000IE

Super Aquarium Fish Food mix wafers (size wafers 10mm – 15mm)
Most sensible Quality mixed wafers with spirulina algae (13% – 15%)
for bottom-feeding herbivores and omnivores fish (pleco, catfish, algae eater, cory)
sealed zip lock bag


‎200 g (Pack of 1)


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