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【PLEASE MEASURE YOUR PET GIRTH BEFORE PLACE ORDER】- The suit fits the cats and disinfection care, postoperative sputum prevention, and keeping warm after shaving, weaning or prevent hair loss which is also can use indoor daily wearing for dogs and other pets. S,M,L,XL
【REPLACE THE HARD RECOVERY COLLAR】- E-collar will make cats be more anxious and stressful after surgery ,can’t offer protection to cat’s wounds or diseases and they are going to licking or biting the wounds,so one can prolong recovery time.The E-cone will restrict the freedom of cats’ daily activities,such as playing,eating,drinking and so on.In comparison to the recovery collar, this recovery suits for cats is softer, more comfortable and has more coverage. Increases mobility, reduces stress, accelerates healing.
【SOFT COTTON MATERIAL】 – 95% cotton 5%Spandex, no deformation after washing. Neck and limb elastic band and easy to wear and fit on the skin; Soft cat surgery recovery suit super breathable and light, moisture absorption makes your cat wear comfortably and helps the wound to heal quickly. Soft and secure fabric protects your cat from secondary damage after undergoing surgical trauma. In addition, Anti-harassment- Protects crotch and prevents harassment from other pets on physiological period.
【NO SLIP & ESCAPE PROOF 】- We fortify the design of this cat surgery recovery suit to fit the pets better in order that they don’t want to take a look at to escape, Close to the body without feeling bound, just like human beings wear clothes. Pets could lie down comfortable, it allows your cat do anything without feeling obstructed, They could drink water, playing and eat food free.
【POTTY USE DOES NOT NEED TO TAKE OFF】- Bigger opening at the rear enables cats use the litter tray without opening the recovery suit and no wish to roll it up, the full length of the magic tape design makes it easier to wear. Keeps pets comfortable and mobile. Protects floor from stain, beds and rugs from getting spoilt.




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