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Our new mix has been created with Robins and Blackbirds in mind but may be suitable for other wild birds. In response to our popular Robin & Songbird mix this blend has two flavours of suet pellets which compliment the impossible to resist dried mealworms. Suitable for all year round feeding the seeds in our No Mess mix have been de husked to prevent excess shells from gathering under your feeders and to provide your birds with the tasty, energy-wealthy hearts right away. Any fallen seed shall be scooped up by your Ground Feeding Birds or see our range of Feeder trays to keep your Garden tidy. Our Robin & Blackbird No Mess mix is ideal as the birds can eat all parts of the mix, Robins infrequently struggle with the shell of Sunflower seeds so our hearts are ideal for their small beaks and any discarded seeds shall be greatly received by your Ground Feeding Birds. Please note If you wish to have a blend that doesn’t germinate then, please see our range of No Grow seed mixes.


Sunflower Hearts, Dried Mealworms, Kibbled Maize, French Red Dari, White Millet, Naked Oats, Sunflower Flavour Suet, Berry Flavour Suet

Husk-free, No Waste,
Packed with nutrition
High in energy sources
Easily to eat and readily digestible


‎20 kg (Pack of 1)


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