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Comfort Aesthetic Kitten Toys: Package comprises personalized cat toy in quite a lot of colors, single size: 6.5*2.4 inch, weight: 15g. This vivid realistic cat toys adult with catnip will take hold of your cat’s attention, assist get full exercise and relaxing, keep your cats entertained for hours of entertainment.
Premium Cat Toys For Indoor Cats Adult: Surface uses more durable cotton and linen material, the usage of soft pp cotton and catnip filled cat toys, non-toxic, harmless and chemical free.
Fluffy Cat Teeth Cleaning Toys: Soft cute kitten toys catnip has textured surface which can helps cats clean teeth and exfoliating dental plaque build-united stateson their teeth as they chew and play, support dental health.
Best Interactive Plush Cat Toy: Catnip products for kittens has a strong aromatic fragrance that stimulates the teething cat to play. Small cat scratch toy can be utilized as catnip pillows. Ideal for cats to play indoor or out of doors helps promote exercise and fun interactive play, releasing bored or stress.
Ideal Cat Presents: Calming cat kick toy can assist cats chase, bite and chewing training, stimulate their hunting instincts. Refill catnip toy can assist cats grow up better and healthier, enhance the interaction between you and cats.


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