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Dingo Gear choke collar for dog is made of strong polypropylene cord, 2 plastic limiters and metal rings. Limiters are the parts you’ll move to adjust the length of the collar and block it. Black cord is waterproof and very easy to clean. Stitches are sturdy thanks to the craftman work. This handmade slip collar is used by professional trainers for K9, IGP, to be informed the dog walk and for the other dog training. The uniqueness of this collar comes from quite simple and clever construction and from great materials quality. That combination gives the great advantages for the choker, you’ll use it for professional dog training and adapt it for day by day use. Handmade in Poland by Dingo Gear. The sizes – XS is 40 cm long, S is 45 long, M is 50 cm long, L is 55 cm long, XL is 60 cm long, XXL is 65 cm long. Advantages: original product handmade by professionals, strong collar to be able to be a super gear in heavy duty dog training, as you’ll see at the pictures. Dog choke collar is good also for day by day use, easy to clean – easy to put on, take off, resistant to water and very durable.


dog training, K9, IGP, day by day use

Adjustable and durable choker for the dog training and day by day use
Handmade, waterproof and lightweight slip collar
Very easy to put on and take off
To appropriately and safely use a choke collar, are searching for advice from dog trainers. Dog training gear can be utilized in a commercial way only after dog trainer consultation
Dingo Gear choke collars were tested and approved by professional K9 trainers




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