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Product Name: Magic UFO Ball
Material: environmentally friendly plastic
Color: blue, red, green, pink
Ball diameter: 16cm
Frisbee diameter: 23cm
-Throw a disc flying saucer and grab a ball!
-Throw a disc, catch a ball. Just squeeze down on the ball to set the time-delay, then throw it as a disc. The disc will pop back into a ball at random!
-Fast recovery. The spherical shape may also be recovered in a couple of seconds.
-The soft rubber material isn’t easy to damage, and the two forms may also be switched freely. Press the yellow dot with the palm of your hand and directly stick it up and down.
-Use quite a few gameplays in one ball to exercise children’s athletic ability and make children colorful in childhood.The dog’s favorite, good flexibility, not easy to break.
Package Listing
1× Deformed Flying UFO Ball

【High-quality Materials】:The material of this frisbee ball is made of soft and flexible TPE, so You’ll be able to play with it without fear of breaking, it is vitally resistant!
This fun toy transforms from puck to ball. Throw a puck and collect a ball! You’ll be able to play in the pool, on the beach, or anywhere You’ll be able to call to mind with this fun frisbee!
【Two Forms】: This Toy Flying Saucer Ball is a flying saucer when pressed, press the yellow circle with the palm of your hand, directly up and down at the side of suction, free to switch.
【Strong Elasticity】: Stomp ball is easy to operate, elasticity, jumping extremely high, play quite a few ways, and light changes.
【 Quite a lot of colors 】 : This sort of tramping ball is colorful and diverse in style to meet your color preferences, red, blue, purple, green four color


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