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TASTY CHICKEN AND VEGETABLES — Dr. John Gold Wealthy in Chicken with Vegetables is a perfectly balanced dry dog food with meat juices for a delicious flavour! The easiest diet for adult and senior dogs that enjoy regular and increased activity
COMPLETE NUTRITION — we use only the finest ingredients in a nutritious formula that accommodates 20% protein, 9% fat and slow energy release carbohydrates to lend a hand with condition, stamina and hunger prevention! No artificial colours, flavours or sugars
HEALTHY SKIN, JOINTS & COAT — our balanced formula accommodates yucca extract for joint improve, crunchy kibble to assist keep teeth clean, essential oil for healthy skin and a shiny coat, and vitamins A, D3 and E!
FEEDING GUIDE — serve dry or with water or gravy as preferred. When feeding for the first time, introduce the food regularly over a couple of days, adjusting the amount based on your dog’s condition and activity. See pack for full details
UK MADE FOR OVER 150 YEARS — we’ve been creating premium dog food blends in the United Kingdom with the finest-quality UK-sourced ingredients since 1873, helping to support the health and happiness of your dog!


‎15 kg (Pack of 1)


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