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Why choose our dog’s bodysuit?

◆Helps keep watch over shedding

◆Reduce anxiety and keep calming

◆Used for post-surgery protection

◆Easy to put on and take off

◆Keeps your dog clean

Size Chart

XS: Back Length: 7.9-9.8 inch; Chest Circumference: 15.7 inch; Weight: 4.4-8.8 lb;

S: Back Length: 9.8-12.2 inch; Chest Circumference: 17.7 inch; Weight: 8.8-16.5 lb;

M: Back Length: 12.2-14.2 inch; Chest Circumference: 19.7 inch; Weight: 16.5-24.3 lb;

L: Back Length: 14.2-17.3 inch; Chest Circumference: 22.0 1inch; Weight: 24.3-33.0 lb;

XL: Back Length: 17.7-21.7 inch; Chest Circumference: 25.6 inch; Weight: 33.0-49.6 lb;

XXL:Back Length: 22.0-26.0 inch; Chest Circumference: 29.5 inch; Weight: 49.6-66.1 lb;

Guarantee to You

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Comfortable & Keep calming – made of lightweight, breathable, super stretchy fabric to allow full mobility for your dog. The snug fit applies a gentle pressure, making dogs feel more calm and secure
Reduce shedding dog hair – This dog’s bodysuit that design to cover dog’s body and all four legs for trapping the shedding hair inside the suit for fast and easy clean up. It’s suitable your dog wear in the house, car or anywhere you do not need leave dog hair, dirt, dander
Post-surgery use – It can replace the uncomfortable e-collar by covering injuries, wounds and other sensitive areas to prevent your pooch from licking or chewing.It can prevent dogs from licking, scratching or biting surgical sites, wounds
Outside Protection – Dog will run around excitedly when they go to out of doors. It’s going to have happen some unstable factors, especially in grass trip dogs may get some insects on their bodies, such as ticks, fleas and other pests, regardless of the worm, It’s going to do harm to them. The suit will provide protection for dog’s entire body, like a strong piece of armor
Easy to put on and take off – the long back zipper of the dog bodysuit make it more convenient to put on and take off. And the zipper opening from belly to tail at bottom is specially designed for male dogs to excrete




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