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Honeyfield’s – Fat Balls are top quality fat balls that give visiting birds the energy they need for nesting, migration, surviving winter and more.

High energy food source for wild birds

Highly nutritious

Attracts birds to your home

Popular with Great Tits, Blue Tits, Woodpeckers and Sparrows

Can be used or fed to the birds on a table, feeder or the ground

Reusable top quality tub

Convenient and easy to load into feeders

Easy-Open with no mess packaging

Honeyfield’s offer a range of wild bird food, treats, wild bird feeders,tables, dining stations and accessories to complement any garden with many products accredited to the ‘Fair to Nature’ conservation grade scheme.

Where the ingredients allow, Honeyfield’s wild bird foods range contain cereals and other seed mixes grown on Fair to Nature farms. These farms grow special areas of seed-bearing crops to provide food for farmland bird species, such as linnets, skylarks, and buntings in addition to providing habitats for a host of other natural world. Which means that Honeyfield’s wild bird food not only feeds the birds in your garden, it looks after the wild birds and natural world in our countryside too.


Kibbled maize, Wheat, Beef Tallow, Calcium Carbonate, Red Darl, Striped Sunflower Seeds

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