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All goldfish varieties, including fancy goldfish and koi fry, High digestibility; high vitamin C; wealthy in OMEGA-3 and 6 and amino-acids, Nutritional and lively needs are satisfied by an exceptionally wealthy formula based on carefully selected raw materials


Wheat, wheat gluten, fish hydrolysate, brewer’s yeast, salmon oil, shrimp, herring meal, carob, paprika, crab eggs, rosemary extract, colourants

PREMIUM FLAKE MIX – A multi-vitamin flake mix with shrimp, fish hydrolysate, carob, paprika, OMEGA-3 and 6 fatty acids and crab eggs, suitable for all goldfish varieties and koi fry.
HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Exceptionally wealthy formula based on carefully selected raw materials, replacing fish meal with far superior fish hydrolysate for increased growth and nutrients in the food overall.
NUTRITIOUS FORMULA – Highly digestible with a wealthy amino-acid profile, this flake mix is designed to care for a healthy immune system and promote well-being, naturally intense colouring, and growth.
FOR EVERYDAY FEEDING – The diversified formula makes HERONS Goldfish Flakes suitable for all goldfish and mixed tanks, providing nutritional and lively needs for on a regular basis feeding.
EXPERTS IN FISH FOOD – We’ve made up our minds to make a stand against the rising cost of keeping fish. We give you the best quality food and cut out the entire overheads that push up prices, like fancy packaging or bloated advertising. That means our prices are all the time low, and all you pay for is the product.


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