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HERONS Koi Trio Pellets are specifically designed for Japanese Koi and other pond fish, offering a complete and high-end diet for on a regular basis feeding. These premium, prebiotic pellets are enriched with the highest-quality ingredients, including spirulina, wheatgerm, OMEGA-3, paprika, and astaxanthin. With a size of 3mm and floating properties, these pellets Toughen coloration and growth even as providing high digestibility.

The formula is rich in amino and OMEGA-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and C, and natural and prebiotic acids to Strengthen resistance, digestion, liver function, and encourage fish to spawn. The spirulina algae and paprika found in HERONS Koi Trio Pellets Toughen the immune system and Strengthen coloration and growth.

The diversified formula makes them perfect for all-year feeding, and their high Vitamin C content makes them ideal for making improvements to resistance. Give your fish the best with HERONS Koi Trio Pellets.


Soya dehulled extracted toasted, Wheat, Wheat flour, Poultry meal, Fish meal, Wheat gluten, Lucerne protein concentrate, Lecithin, Maize gluten, Leavening agent, Yeast derived products, Wheat germ, Paprika, Spirulina.

HEALTH AND COLOUR – Toughen the health and colour of your Japanese Koi and other pond fish with HERONS Koi Trio Pellets, which contain prebiotics, spirulina, wheatgerm, OMEGA-3, paprika, and astaxanthin.
HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Feed your fish the highest-quality, complete diet with our Koi Trio Pellets, formulated with rich amino and OMEGA-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and C, and natural and prebiotic acids.
NUTRITIOUS FORMULA – Strengthen your fish’s coloration, growth, and immune system with the spirulina algae and paprika found in our Koi Pellets, even as also encouraging spawning and improving digestion and liver function.
FOR ALL YEAR FEEDING – Enjoy the convenience of feeding your fish HERONS Koi Trio Pellets throughout the year, thanks to their floating properties and diversified formula, which make them perfect for any season.
EXPERTS IN FISH FOOD – We give you the best quality fish food and cut out all of the overheads that push up prices, like fancy packaging or bloated advertising. That means our prices are at all times low, and all you pay for is the product.


‎1 kg (Pack of 1)


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