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HERONS Pond Sticks Ultralight is a complete feed designed exclusively for Koi, carp, and other pond and coldwater fish. These floating sticks are packed with all of the essential nutrients to improve the overall health of the fish.

Our pond sticks are formulated with a unique blend of ingredients to strengthen the colours of your fish, making them a captivating sight in your pond. Not only that, but they also enhance the fish’s resistance.

Enriched with spirulina, a natural ingredient known for its colour-enhancing properties and immune system-boosting effects, with paprika to further reinforce colouration and wheat germ for improved digestibility.

Every stick is carefully manufactured the usage of a specialised drying process, resulting in a complete feed suitable for daily feeding. Our formula is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, ensuring healthy growth and strengthening the fish’s resistance to common ailments.

We understand the importance of a healthy immune system in maintaining a long life for your fish. That’s why our pond sticks are designed specifically to improve a robust immune system, keeping your fish healthy and active.

ULTRALIGHT STICKS MIX – Ultralight floating sticks with spirulina, paprika and wheat germ suitable for all pond and coldwater fish. Designed to deal with a healthy immune system and ensure a long life.
NUTRITIOUS FEED – Enriched with spirulina to intensify colours and boost the immune system, in conjunction with paprika to further reinforce colouration and wheat germ for improved digestibility.
ADVANCED FORMULA – Manufactured in a specialised drying process, resulting in extremely lightweight sticks for everyday feeding of all pond fish. It is also a perfect choice for year-round feeding.
COMPLETE FEED – Our ultralight sticks are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to promote healthy growth and enhance resistance, contributing to the overall health of the fish.
EXPERTS IN FISH FOOD – We’ve made up our minds to make a stand against the rising cost of keeping fish. We provide the best quality food and cut out all of the overheads that push up prices, like fancy packaging or bloated advertising. That means our prices are all the time low, and all you pay for is the product.


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