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The recovery suit will give protection to crotch from licking, biting and chewing by other pets, it’s great for patients to recuperate after surgery and steer clear of skin diseases, comfortable and anti-harassment.
Highest details: Breathable and comfortable fabric, elastic neckline, flexible limbs, flexible and retractable,prevent falling off, make cats comfortable and easy to just accept, will also be used as cat home pajamas.
Comfort and safety: Cats recovery suit is an ideal alternative to Elizabethan collar used for protects wound,stable bandage,hot spots,skin diseases,keep warm and incontinence in cats.
Size measurement: S: Back Length: 9″, Chest: 11-13″, Weight: 2-3.5lb; M: Back Length: 11″, Chest: 13-16″, Weight: 3.5-7lb;L: Back Length: 14″, Chest: 16-18″, Weight: 7-14lb.
Easy to position on and take off. Comfortable fit isn’t tight, keep cat calm and relieve stress.


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