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[Bird lover’s dream] In case you are a bird lover or bird watcher looking to draw plenty of birds to your garden, this unique wild bird food is a should-have! Made with rich, creamy peanut butter with no added salt, Flutter Butter is the easiest way to bring more birds.
[Healthy for birds] Made with highest quality ingredients, our peanut butter for birds is a rich source of protein and essential nutrients that birds want to thrive. And unlike peanut butter you spread on your toast, it has NO ADDED SALT which is bad for birds.
[Easy to use] Unlike bird food suet blocks, Flutter Butter EcoRefills are truly simple and convenient to use. Tear off the seal and push the EcoRefill into the Flutter Butter feeder pod and you’re good to go. No messy hands, no fuss – just effortless bird feeding. It’s like having a new bird feeder every time you refill! And empty EcoRefills are widely recycled.
[Attract birds all year round] In the same way you use suet blocks for wild birds, Flutter Butter can help birds all year round. Offer it: in spring when busy parents have a new generation to maintain; in summer when natural supplies of seeds and berries are dwindling before harvest time; and in winter, the toughest time of all, with freezing temperatures and short foraging days to contend with.
[Perfect bird feed] Flutter Butter EcoRefills fit the many Flutter Butter feeders. There are hanging feeders, a window feeder, and a post feeder. And they are eco-friendly too: put empty EcoRefills in your usual recycling – they are widely recycled in all places.


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