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Comfortable Surface: The surface of the small dog bed is high density lamb fleece, it is soft and self-heating in winter, resist water like dog sweat or urine and no odor remains, lamb fleece is closer to the dog’s skin, let dogs quickly relieve anxiety and fall asleep, just like a mother’s embrace. The outer striped corduroy design makes the puppy bed more durable and breathable, suitable for a seasons of the year.
Thick Padding: The inside of the dog bed small is filled with fiber cotton with a density of 480gsm, bottom thickness greater than 12CM and edge thickness greater than 20CM, it is fixed by 2 stitches, so you donot worry about the cotton shifting or collapsing, it’ll provide fortify for the pet’s head, neck, waist all the time, and ensure pet’s bones grow healthy. Low front edge allows easy access for dogs, provides fortify for hands for a more comfortable sleeping position.
Keep it Clean: The car dog bed surface is made of artificial fur, this material is not easy to attract dust and easy to clean. You only want to spend a minute washing with water to restore it to a brand spanking new look. At the same time, it supports cold water machine wash, gentle circulation, but so as to deal with the quality of the dog’s sleep, please dry at low temperature and not air dry. Prevents reducing the comfort of fluff.
Upgrade Bottom: The bottom of the dog sofa bed uses 20,000 rubber particles to prevent sliding. The dog can play and roll on the crate bed at will. The pet bed is fixed to make the dog’s mood more stable. And the bottom is thickened twill, it wear-resistant, tear-resistant and anti-fouling, so it is also suitable for outdoor or garden use. In addition, you’ll be able to also fix the outdoor dog bed to the car, dog crate etc.
Precautions Before Use: The fluffy dog bed will be compressed all the way through transportation, please pat and shake the luxury dog beds gently after open the vacuum packaging and pull the padding in the opposite direction, then wait for 1 day to make it back to fluffy status before the usage of! Use the same method to restore fluffy after each wash.




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