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King British Bloodworm Treats are delicious, natural aquatic larvae that are high in protein and wealthy in iron and promote superb colour and condition. The bloodworm are freeze-dried right away to verify they retain their flavour and nutritional value, providing your fish, turtle or terrapin with nutritional enrichment and an impossible to resist treat.
Suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine fish, turtles and terrapins.


Natural harvested Bloodworm

DELICIOUS NATURAL TREAT FOR ALL COLDWATER, TROPICAL AND MARINE FISH, TURTLES AND TERRAPINS: Promotes superb colour and condition, and provides a source of nutritional enrichment
100% FREEZE-DRIED BLOODWORM TO RETAIN NUTRIENTS: Accommodates 100% bloodworm, a naturally occurring aquatic larvae. Freeze-dried right away after harvest to retain their nutritional value
COMPLEMENTARY TREAT TO DAILY DIET: King British Bloodworm Treats are a complementary treat which can be utilized with day by day complete food, such as King British Goldfish Flake (with IHB), King British Tropical Flake (with IHB), King British Marine Food, King British Turtle & Terrapin Complete Food or King British Turtle & Terrapin Food Sticks, depending at the species
SUITABLE FOR COLDWATER, TROPICAL AND MARINE FISH, TURTLES AND TERRAPINS: This tasty treat is suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine fish including Goldfish, Cichlid, Plecostomus, Catfish and marine fish. Also great for Turtles and Terrapins


‎7 g (Pack of 1)


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