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Product name:Hot Pink Daisy Pattern Dog Collar.
Brand name:Olahibi.
Material:Polyester+neoprene+Stainless Steel.
Design idea:A basic dog collar, the use of polyester webbing and soft neoprene padding to realize durability and comfortability, it has high cost performance and satisfies your basic uses.EASY USE, EASY CLEAN, EASY DRY.
Colors for option:Multi-colored Printing.
Sizes for option:
Small/S Size:width 1.5cm*adjustable Girth 25cm-38cm.
Medium/M Size:width 2.0cm*adjustable Girth 31cm-46cm.
Large/L Size:width 2.5cm*adjustable Girth 42cm-64cm.
Please measure your dog’s circumference before ordering, and add 1-2CM to ensure your dog feel comfortable.
After-sale service: When you’ve got any problem when the use of our products, please contact us, we will be able to solve the issue in an instant.

🐕1.Package content:Small Hot Pink Daisy DOG COLLAR * 1 Piece
🐕2.The collar is made of prime quality polyester webbing and stainless metal accessories,padded with soft neoprene material,all designs are intended to offer protection to your dog.EASY USE,EASY WASH,EASY DRY.
🐕3.Beautiful Hot Pink Daisy printing, make up your dogs more beautiful, beneficial to female dogs.
🐕4.Good workmanship,straight and firm stitching, steady accessories, comfortable wearing, easy use.
🐕5.Small/S size: width 1.5cm* adjustable girth 25cm-38cm.Please measure your dog’s circumference and add 1-2CM before selecting the fitting collar.




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