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You may be new to the world of fishkeeping, or you will be completely overwhelmed by the number of Fish bowls on the market. Fish Bowls seem to change on an almost daily basis with new or improved fishkeeping products. Therefore, one of the vital best places to start is with a Starter kit, which is on a regular basis a cost-efficient way to get most of the products you’ll want to start without a large number of trips to the pet store. On the other hand, not all kits are created equally. After thorough research, we have get a hold of this Starter Kit which comprises almost all the basic essentials needed for a perfect set up for your fish.


  • Fish Bowl Starter Kit
  • Compact Design and Lightweight
  • Open from Top
  • Great for Kids
  • Easy to Assemble & Clean
  • Easy to feed Gold Fish
  • Made with Plastic (Acrylic)
  • No Battery Needed.
  • Accomodates 1-3 Goldfishes
  • Promotes Lively environment

1 X Gold Fish Bowl
1 X Lid
1 X 1 Pack of Multicoloured Gravel
1 X Ornamental Plant

【GOLDFISH BOWL】Create an environment for your goldfish the usage of this Acrylic Plastic Fishtank Bowl Starter Kit and create a pet living surrounding at your home.
【PACKAGE INCLUDES】With this Gold Fish Tanks set, you get 1 Goldfish Bowl, 1 Lid, 1 Pack of Assorted Multicoloured Gravel & 1 Ornamental Plant. All You want for starter kit. You want NO BATTERY, NO ADAPTER for this bowl.
【DIMENSIONS】Compact design and lightweight with size Approx 22cm x 16cm. After placing the lid, you get 15cm of clear space to in touch with the outside environment.
【ENHANCES KIDS IMAGINATION】Illuminate your child’s imagination with the Small Fish Tank Starter Set! Parents can experience & share in the enchantment of magical underwaer adventures, in their kid’s very own aquatic creation. Your child can independently care for their own aquatic universe in this type of small aquarium.
【GREAT ITEM FOR NEW FISHKEEPER】The size of this tank makes it perfect for beginners who are interested in keeping goldfish, bettas, or small fish like guppies and tetras. For goldfish, this tank can comfortably hold 1-3 small fish but may require frequent water changes.


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