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ALL YEAR-ROUND FEED — Pet Performance Wild Bird Garden Feast Mix is the easiest all year round bird feed, giving wild birds the nutrition they want to stay healthy
HIGH IN ENERGY — our wild bird seed includes high energy suet pellets and protein wealthy mealworms that’ll keep the wild birds happy and in a position to fly!
DIRECTIONS FOR USE — our poultry feed is ideal for table best or ground feeding. Chickens graze right through the day, so be certain that a constant supply of food is to be had. Check food is fresh and topped up!
BIRDS YOU WILL ATTRACT — our wild bird food will attract Wrens, Robins, Tits, Finches, Thrushes and more!
BLENDED IN THE UK — treat your wild birds to local goodness! Pet Performance takes the most productive ingredients around and blends them here in the United Kingdom


‎5 l (Pack of 1)


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