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💕Comfortable Material💕: The cat shirt is made of top quality cotton+Spandex, protected, soft, breathable, gentle on the skin, highly elastic, can effectively give protection to the cat’s skin without causing allergy.
💕Striped Design💕: The striped dress with mixed bright colours, very cute, makes your cat unique. High elasticity allows your cat to play and run around without limits. It may be worn by cats of quite a lot of shapes, it’s not only suitable for hairless cats but also for cats with hair.
💕Effective Protection💕: The vest is soft, comfortable to touch, not tight. It can give protection to hairless cats from damage whilst playing and running. As the skin of the Sphinx cat has a poor ability to control temperature, the suit helps to keep warm.
💕Easy to Put on and Take Off💕: The dress is finely designed and hand-sewn according to the linne of the Sphinx cat’s body. It is soft and comfortable to put on and take off. It does not prevent cats from playing and running around.
💕Size💕: There are 6 sizes to be had: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL . 5 colours: pink, blue, yellow, purple, green. For detailed sizes, you can also refer to the photo on the left or part Description.




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