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Sakana High Protein Pond Pellets are the ideal feed for your pond dwelling fish. Made with a high protein content, this complete colour-enhancing feed has added paprika and astaxanthin, which brings out the natural colours of certain ornamental fish. This feed is packed with vitamins and nutrients that promote good health and a powerful immune system to fight disease. This balanced feed Can be utilized 2-4 times per day, depending at the size of the fish and the temperature of the water, so please gauge the amount of neccesary food accordingly. This feed is created from all natural and responsibly sourced ingredients, they’re easy to digest, produce far less waste and keep the water in your pond or tank clearer for longer.

IDEAL FEED FOR POND FISH – Complete high protein feed with added paprika for ornamental fish
COMPLETE BALANCED MEAL – Perfectly balanced flakes packed with nutrients and minerals that promote good health and immune resistance
EVERYDAY FEED – Can be utilized 2-3 times a day, floats and covers the entire surface so your fish can eat up to they’re ready.
ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Comprised of sustainably sourced ingredients which can be easily digestable and produce less waste, keeping the water in your tank clearer


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