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Supa Mixed Pond Sticks Fish Food 6 Litre are enriched with vitamins & minerals and provide a complete pet food for all varieties of Pond Fish (Goldfish, Koi, Orfe, and the like.).
The orange pond stick incorporates Spirulina which enhances the colour of your fish.
Mixed Pond Sticks are designed to glide at the water so providing much enjoyment to the fish keeper when the fish come to the surface to feed.
The Mixed Pond Sticks turn into soft on contact with the water & subsequently may also be readily consumed by the fish.
Some other benefit of the Sticks is that they may be able to be easily crushed between the fingers which offers the opportunity to cater for all sizes of fish present in the pond.
Item display volume: 6000.0 milliliters. Age range description: All Life Stages.


‎6 l (Pack of 1)


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