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DRY IN MINUTES: With our 2-Layer Terry Microfibre Towel dry robe, it’s going to absorb all moisture & water off your dog to keep them nice and dry. Drying your dog’s fur has never been easier, simply wrap them in the dog drying clothing & Velcro them in. Let the moisture absorbing fabric do the work. Keep your pet happy, and your home mess free. The double terry towelling fabric keeps them comfortable as they dry off. It may also be used as a dog bath robe & towel after a bath.
ADJUSTABLE FOR PERFECT FIT: The neck and chest flap are adjustable, so You’ll get the very best fit for your pup. The wide belly flap allows for full coverage of your dogs to get them dry. The adjustable hood & collar on the dog drying towels ensures their ears and head are kept dry.
CAR SAFETY: The unique car safety D ring, made with stainless steel added just below the nape of the dog robe, ensures your dog’s safety in the car. Do not use this for a lead or harness. This is a safety ring to verify your dog is secure when driving.
SIZES: Our drying coat comes in 6 sizes, so You’ll get the very best fit for all sizes and breeds. Simply use our size guide to find the very best fit for your dog. There are sizes from small the entire way to XXX-Large. Sizes from a Chihuahua the entire way to a Great Dane. The TAIL BLAZER dog dressing down makes for an essential item of clothing and accessories for dog to keep them warm and dry after you have wet!
EASY TO CLEAN: Our dog drying towel coat is easy to wash. You’ll put them into the machine washer after drying your pet down. Allow to dry and it’s perfect to use on your next wet dog. The high-quality towelling will keep soft & absorbent after each wash.




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