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[Bite Resistant] The Toy Sandal Is The Ideal Chew Toy For Aggresive Chewers And Is Virtually Indesructable. Made From Natural Rubber, It is Completely Protected For Your Beloved Pet.
[Dental Hygiene] Made for both adult dogs and puppy teething, the Sandal Dog Toy has 3D nubs that gradually clean and cleanse the teeth and gums to keep plaque at bay revealing pearly whites all year through.
[Reduce Boredom] Fun for dogs of all shapes, sizes and a while, the Dog Rubber Toy is stimulating and exciting. The Dog Chew Toy is designed to scale back boredom for a happy and healthy pet.
[Prevent Destruction] Shaped like a pair of brogues, the Sandal Dog Toy will draw in your dog’s attention and keep its sharp teeth away out of your so much prized possessions including your shoes and furniture.
[Suitability] The Sandal Dog Chew Toy is Small In Size And Easiest Suited For Large Puppies Or Small – Medium Sized Dogs.


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