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Multi-ingredient flakes for Malawi cichlids of the Mbuna group. The right kind functioning of the long intestine of these cichlids is ensured by a considerable amount of fiber, which protects the fish against constipation and against dangerous inflammatory disorders of the digestive tract. Digestion is facilitated by the active substances of the spirulina and nettle. Green peas are the source of easily assimilated vegetable protein. Unsaturated fatty acids, chargeable for maintaining healthy skin and strengthening its protective barrier, come from wheat germ. addition of L-carnitine facilitates fat metabolism, providing extra energy and reducing the risk of breakdowns because of excess fat. Way to its exceptional palatability, Malawi flakes are widely consumed even by wild-caught fish. A diversified formula ensures the very good health of fish frequently fed with Malawi flakes, guarantees excellent coloration and encourages fish to reproduce.

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A very diversified formula ensures a very good condition, a magnificent coloring at the same time as stimulating reproduction
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