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Tug-E-Nuff Bright Fauxtastic Durable Bungee Tug Toy for Dogs

Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear is a family-run business and a team of agility experts and professional dog trainers that make engaging and exciting toys to get your dogs feeling fired up. We can help you overcome any training and behaviour hurdles to accomplish great results.

Our Bright Fauxtastic is an interactive bungee tug toy for dogs that features a signature webbing Take care of that is made of doubled-up bungee shock cord for added durability and an eye-catching faux fur bite area to encourage close interactive play with your canine.

From introducing agility training to improving dog training to practicing sit and stay to working on complicated trick routines, Bright Fauxtastic tug toy maximises the advantages of training by having a high-value reward for your dog.

Available in three vibrant colours, each featuring flecks of blue (probably the most colour that dogs see the best), the Pocket Fauxtastic bungee dog tug toy is compact and fits into a pocket easily. This can be a super-enriching and super-stimulating way of keeping your pooch happy and active without leaving the house! All Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and must only be used under supervision.

Product Details:
– Durable and Interactive Bungee Tug Toy for Dogs
– Colour: Green, Orange, Pink


✔ Brand: Tug-e-nuff
✔ Item weight: 70g
✔ Size : 22.5 inches
✔ Color: Green, Orange, Pink
✔ Type: Dog tug toy
✔ Material: Faux fur


✔ Signature double shock cord padded Take care of
✔ Durable faux-fur bite area
✔ Blue feature in Take care of for better view
✔ Ideal for dogs of all ages
✔ Great for interactive dog training
✔ Handmade in the UK

Soft Faux-fur Bite Area: Our Bright Fauxtastic interactive bungee tug toy for dogs is made of high-quality faux fur, which isn’t just soft for your dog to grip on to but also super satisfying. The bite area measures by 18cm (7 inches) long and 5cm (2 inches) wide, which is a great size for all breeds of dogs to bite.
Shock-absorbing Bungee Take care of: Our interactive dog bungee tug toy has a unique, two strands of shock cord enclosed in a durable webbing design with a generous sized, foam-padded Take care of for unparalleled comfort when playing tug games. The bungee Take care of has shock-absorbing features, which reduces jarring of your dog’s neck and your shoulders.
Great for Dogs of All Ages: This strong, enticing dog tug toy is a proven winner with breeds big and small, old and young. It is exclusively designed by a team of expert dog trainers to rise up to hours of interactive, rewarding play.
Colour Variation with Blue Element for Dog’s Vision: Our interactive bungee pull tug toy comes in 3 different vibrant patterns with flecks of blue in each, a colour that dogs see more clearly.
Ideal for Tug of War & Interactive Training: Our durable and interactive Bungee Rope Tug Dog Toy is great for Pulling, Chasing, Chewing, Biting, Fetching, Recalling, and practicing other training exercises. Your furry friend will not just love the tugging fun but also you’ll use it as a reward (with the satisfying bite area) in itself at the same time as training at home.


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