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Quantity: 2
Color: blue, orange
Size: as shown
material: plastic

Set: Accommodates 2 different colored diver tank decorations, equipped with transparent floating balloons that allow the diver statue to levitate within the water.
Interesting decoration: In step with the design of real divers, with floating balloons, it may well create an actual diving scene, and with the fish within the fish tank, the fish tank becomes energetic and interesting.
Design: The floating balloon above the diver’s decoration can make certain that the diver floats within the water, and on the same time, the height may also be adjusted In step with the rope to meet the needs of different sizes of fish tanks.
Size: The diver statue is 2.6×1.2×1.4 inches, small and cute in size, compatible with a wide variety of fish tanks and aquariums, making your fish tank more vivid.
Gifts: Diver Suspension Sets are ideal as gifts for friends who like to keep fish, bringing them different ideas for tank decoration and making the tank more interesting.


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