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✓WHEATGERM FISH FOOD POND STICKS FOR COLD WATER CONDITIONS: Walters supreme quality wheat germ floating pond sticks are loved by Koi, Goldfish and all cold water pond fish across the United Kingdom! Our easy to digest, minimal waste floating sticks are the ultimate cold water fish food for pre and post hibernation, ensuring healthy fish and clear balanced pond water. They’re our preferred Koi fish food and goldfish food for the colder months.
✓SCIENTIFICALLY BALANCED NUTRITIONAL PROFILE FOR AUTUMN WINTER AND SPRING FEED: The use of only the highest quality ingredients, including wheatgerm, and spirulina, Walters Wheatgerm Pond Sticks are fit for pond royalty. Our unique blend of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and complex slow release carbs, combined with easily digestible vegetable and aquatic proteins, provide a completely balanced diet for all cold water pond fish, the easiest Koi food for the United Kingdom winter.
✓UK BASED WILDLIFE AND AQUATICS EXPERTS: We love wildlife and aquatics and we’re passionate about your garden pond. Based in the United Kingdom, we’ve built a reputation for producing the most efficient quality gold fish food and Koi food at competitive prices. Feed your fish with Walters Supreme Wheatgerm Pond Sticks and you’ll rest assured that your fish will be vibrant and healthy, whilst protecting your garden pond’s delicately balanced ecosystem.
✓100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re so confident that your pond fish will love our wheatgerm sticks, that we offer a no quibble, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Sign up for our thousands of happy customers whose outdoor garden ponds are brimming with wildlife and vibrant, healthy fish.
✓STAY FRESH ‘EASY’ TUBS: Our fully recyclable and reusable ‘Stay Fresh Tubs’, keep your wheatgerm fish food fresher for longer. Easy to open, carry and store, they keep the fish feed odours in and the rodents out! Sleep soundly knowing that your Koi and Goldfish food of choice is protected, destined for the one you love cold water pond fish, not the local vermin.


‎5 l (Pack of 1)


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